Two Belgian houses presenting the finest side of our country

The prominent fashion label La Collection and the acclaimed Boutique Winery Valke Vleug have started a collaboration. The two Belgian houses have a mixture of quality wine, design, and local legacy to ultimately make the world a more thoughtful and improved place. Together they take pride in presenting the finest side of Belgium’s craftsmanship.


The design and values of Valke Vleug go hand in hand with the house of La Collection.

Renowned architect Vincent Van Duysen designed Valke Vleug in his contemporary and structured style - although keeping Flemish traditions in mind. He was inspired by the surroundings, integrated the earthy ambiance around him and let the terroir speak to him. The terroir is important for both the philosophy of the estate and the flavor of the wine, in the vineyard they’ve chosen regenerative farming principles. Sustainability and nature take central stage at both houses.

Much alike, Florence Cools from La Collection designs clothes that breathe a timeless and transeasonal fit, with the purpose to wear the pieces seasons ahead and cherish the modern yet classic fit.


The two Belgian businesses both aim for modern luxury and responsible outcomes. With the outfits of La Collection the Valke Vleug team unforces their philosophy. This is definitely the start of a very exciting partnership between two Belgian houses, who are directing Belgium into a leading edge time where tradition and quality intertwine and create beauty and magic.

In the light of the Valke Vleug x La Collection partnership several exciting things are being planned between the two brands very soon. Keep a close eye on our social medias to become part of some thrilling very nearby moments.


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