La Collection was founded by Florence Cools and Artur Tadevosian in 2017. The label creates a new responsible world for the conscious and strong. 

How did the idea behind La Collection emerge?


AT: Florence had this need for perfectly tailored clothes in impeccable quality fabrics, without being an unresponsible luxury. It just didn’t exist in the way she wanted it. She began to design, and sketch the pieces. We searched for suppliers who were brave enough to take on the challenge of producing the highest quality fabrics for us. We knew from the start: we want to create garments in natural fibers, and cruelty-free fabrics and work as sustainably as possible in every way. That is how it all started…



“Florence had this need for perfectly tailored clothes in impeccable quality fabrics.”


What inspired you to start a sustainable, luxury label?


FC: I could not find what I was looking for. It was always a choice, either sustainable fashion or luxury, the harmony and vision I had between the two were not available on the market. I started to design a dream wardrobe, with the thought of a ‘power woman’. A woman who would be empowered and fully confident as soon as she would wear our garments. 




Where do you find the inspiration for your designs and the creativity behind the brand? 


FC: The inspiration for the designs comes from everywhere. In the back of my mind, people in the streets of Antwerp, traditional religious costumes, architecture, structures in walls, stones in the park, cinematography, and vintage photography… From this inspiration, we always continued to the next step, choosing the right fabrics and atelier to work with. 




What is La Collection's mission? 


AT: To ignore strict rules and restrictions from an old, dated fashion system. To be free and passionate and most of all aware of a conscious way of producing. Because it is not impossible, it is just a lot more work, but we’re not in a hurry, it takes time to build up quality, to go for perfection, and to do this in a responsible way. I would say our mission is to present what authentic slow fashion is and, to make the world fall in love with it! 



“To present what authentic slow fashion is, and to make the world fall in love with it.”




Art, architecture, and history are important parts of your brand. Tell us more about it.


FC: As they all go hand in hand, being inspired by one another I feel they should also be connected in life. In our store in Antwerp, we wanted to show the true La Collection DNA. Very organically we started to gather all the books and art, music, and vintage furniture that has been an inspiration for the brand along the way and we brought them to be present next to the clothes. These aspects altogether, help to discover the story of La Collection.



As a trans-seasonal fashion brand, how would you define your role in society? 


FC: I love to create pieces that work all year round, like for example our Kate dress, it is the perfect high summer silk gown, but you can easily layer it with shirts or knits, with a statement blazer or coat. It makes these items just so much more interesting and worth the investment. And what is even more fun is creating pieces with multiple uses, like our signature blazer dresses for example.




Which piece is the staple piece that identifies La Collection?


FC: The first blazer dress I ever made was 'Yasmine', I have always loved blazers. I started to dream about wearing nothing but a blazer yet being fully dressed. And that is how Yasmine was born. It is still, one of our bestsellers ever since because it is also flattering, elegant, and feels soft on the skin. 




What roles do you have in the company? 


AT: Florence is taking the creative and production part into her account; I am more on the business and financial side of the company. Things organically grew that way, we are both using our strengths. 



How is it to work together as a couple?


AT: Our vision is the same and we are both always included in each other's processes. I think we both recognize each other's strengths very well and know that we can trust and build upon them. It is our own little family company that we created together, and we will both go for those extra 10 000 miles if needed. It is a nice feeling to share that. 




What is the smallest change a consumer could make to become more eco-conscious?


FC: You can decide to invest in brands that are producing consciously, respect the pieces you buy, and treat them well. Having your garments fixed when something is broken, and making them last as long as possible is to me the most intelligent way of consuming.




What is your most common love?

FC & AT: Our dog Ozzy! And, also the His & Hers Collection that we just launched. We idealized and realized it together. 




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